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Power of Pyramids: Pyramid Energy Products & Pyramid Sleep Systems
        Pyramid Generators

These precision made pyramid generators use advanced allloys and antenna design to collect and radiate high levels of PYRAMID ENERGY.  The gold anodized aluminum alloy shafts are ENERGIZED with a one million volt Tesla coil to create constant high energy output.  The pyramid shafts are held in the correct Cheops pyramid shape by our unique jewel-like connectors.  The open design allows objects to be placed in or out of  the pyramid without disturbing its alignment.  A special platform attaches to the top of the pyramid so you can place objects there for faster results.  Each pyramid comes with a compass so you can align it to magnetic north.  Many sizes are available so you can choose one to suit your own needs.  The larger the pyramid the greater the output of energy.  Use several different sizes inside each other to increase energy output.

Pyramid generators are available in 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 inch base sizes.  Gold or Platinum anodize.  Prices: $50 (10-inch model); $60 (15-inch model); $70 (20-inch model); $80 (25-inch model); $90 (30-inch base - best seller).  Comes with Compass.
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